Kavalar Coppernight

Dwarf Prospector


Kavalar Coppernight is a dwarven prospector originally from Hammerfast. He built his fortune in mining operations in the Dawnforge Mountains. His main operation is still there, but Coppernight moved to Fallcrest to start a new expansion of his trade. He genuinely wants to make Fallcrest a better place, and has already spent a significant amount of money on the town. This has made him a strong ally with both Nathan Farringray and Lord Markelhay.

Recently, Coppernight discovered what could be a new mine in the Moon Hills, just south of Fallcrest. This could be a great opportunity for both the town and Coppernight. Kavalar left with a small outfit to scout the area and determined what would be needed for a full operation. He has not been seen since.

Kavalar Coppernight

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