CAM Adventures in 4E

First Session
New Opportunities

The Players Vragoth Despair Perrin

The adventure started in the town of Fallcrest. Lord Markelhay and Nathan Farringray had placed a notice for any capable adventurers looking for work. All having their own reasons, a tiefling, a halfling and a dragonborn answered the call and met with the leaders of Fallcrest.

Lord Markelhay told the adventurers that Kavalar Coppernight had discovered a new mining location in the Moon Hills, not far from Fallcrest. Since this could be a great boon to the town, Coppernight decided to scout the mine and see what it would take to start production on it. Coppernight left a week ago, and has not been heard of since.

This is odd for several reasons, foremost being that Coppernight only took a group of professionals with him and planned on returning in two days, whether the mine was worth excavating or not. Lord Markelhay feared the worse for Coppernight, and so they decided to send someone to check on the team. Since they cannot spare any extra guards, and they did not know what to expect at the mine, Farringray suggested they hire some adventurers to check it out for them. The Lord offered the adventurers 100 gold a piece for news of Coppernight, and possibly more if they bring him back safely.

So the adventurers left for the half days journey to the Moon Hills. When they reached the mine, they found something strange. A group of humans and halflings were milling about the excavation site, and attacked the adventurers on sight. Notably, some of the human were in chains, obviously used as slave labor. After a short battle, the adventurers decided to descend into the mine entrance.

Upon entering the mine, they found it really wasn’t a mine at all, but a buried temple, with what seemed to be Kobold tapestries dedicated to Tiamat. There were also more mercenaries in the temple, including a Githyanki warcaster. The party defeated the warcaster and his cronies, and are much closer to finding out what is actually going on.

Unanswered Questions:

Who are these enemies? What is the interest in this seemly abandoned Kobold Temple? Where is Kavalar Coppernight and his men?


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