Dragonborn Fighter


Hatched in the hills north of Winterhavem, I was raised to follow Tiamat, The Queen of Chaos by my mother, Malovia. Their teachings warped and twisted my physical body, causing me to grow massive wings, changing my once noble golden scales to pure black, and leaving my eyes quenched in a permanent inferno of red. The mental toll was far beyond the physical changes however. Unknown to me, I ended up killing my brother as a right of passage…yeah, go cult life.

Nothing can compare to being required to kill my own mother though…I just couldn’t do it. Far be it for Tiamat to fail…she slew my mother in front of my own eyes with some form of negative lightning. Lightning so dark it negated all light. Lightning that I was unfortunately “blessed” with, as I did not breathe fire, but this lightning. “This is your punishment” the other followers said as they turned to end my life after my disobedience. At that point I had given up hope, my life was over…yet someone, somewhere did not seem to agree.

A huge platinum figure swept down into the chaos and rescued me. I do not know who this was, but I was awe-struck at the sheer nobility of such a creature. This figure carried me many many miles away and gently placed me near an entrance to a cave. He spoke one word to me and was off…”learn”. As I ventured into the cave I could sense something familiar. Inside there were 2 figures, one was another platinum dragonborn, and another was an elf. I thought they would be frightened at the least due to my appearance, but they were not. The dragonborn was teaching the elf about Bahamut. I knew of this deity from mother, yet I was raised to believe he was evil. Little did I know. For three days I listened and took in all the knowledge my draconic brother would share. Then he left, beckoning me to leave the cave to allow the elf peace to perform his right. I had no idea what this was, but a day later, when another platinum dragonborn walked out, I knew. It was then that I pledged myself to Bahamut fully. I was permanently disfigured, yet that did not matter, I had a goal, I had purpose.

For the past two decades, I have wandered the wastes, striving to rid the world of Tiamat and her spawn. As time goes on, this task is becoming increasingly more difficult, and I am forced to seek aid.


CAM Adventures in 4E Vragoth